Curriculum Design with Accessibility in Mind: Responsive Planning for English First Peoples’ Gr. 10-12 courses.

This session will showcase the collaboration between Shelley Moore, Jo Chrona and a team of teachers from around the province, and their work designing inclusive resources for English First Peoples’ Grade 10-12 courses. Examples of responsive plan will be shared and how they connect with FNESC resources, so that ALL learners can be successful. 

Target Audience



1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

This session is full.


  • Jo Chrona

    Jo Chrona, Curriculum Manager for FNESC, has 20 years teaching experience in K-12 and postsecondary systems, and has also been involved in various aspects of education transformation in BC. She is a member of the ELA and EFP curriculum revision teams, advises on First Peoples’ content in other curricular areas, and has worked with school districts in the development of the core competencies. 

  • Shelley Moore

    Shelley is an inclusive consultant and works with school districts and community organizations around BC, Canada and North America. She supports collaborative teams and facilitates teacher professional development to build access to education for every learner.

  • Penny Carnrite

    Penny Carnrite teaches English 10 FP and English 12 FP at Langley Fine Arts School. She uses learning maps in her classroom to create an inclusive learning environment. She also uses the First Nations Principles of Knowing and Being to help students reach their full potential as learners.